Local South African small scale fisher at the harbour with his arms out

ABALOBI: “Fish with a story”

ABALOBI has been taking the local tech, culinary, and sustainability scenes by storm.

Umthunzi farming community

Umthunzi Farming Community: Feed your inspiration

Umthunzi Farming Community is a marketplace for seasonal, organic #vegwithanimpact, grown by small-scale farmers.

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Paying for shoes online via credit card for payment

4 tips to stay safe while shopping online

Shopping online is wonderful, stay safe with these easy tips.

Business Owner and Chef of Sunshine Sprouting Co Vegan food standing in front of his store

Sunshine Sprouting Co: the best veggie burger you’ll try

The Sunshine Sprouting Co, owned by Elisha Madzivadondo, serves delicious vegan burgers in Cape Town.

Sales person interacting with customer in retail store

How to build rapport with your customers to increase sales

How can you connect with customers, build their trust, and increase sales?

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Illustration of a Prepaid Electricity Meter

Silence the beeping meter: recharge electricity in a snap

Is 500m far enough to justify ordering a taxi so you can go to a...

Restaurant dinner table with bill folder

Stellenbucks: kickstarting a community economy

SnapScan worked with the Visit Stellenbosch team to create Stellenbucks.

SnapScan app
Illustration of the SnapScan mobile payment app

More than QR codes: how to pay with your SnapScan app

From QR codes to in-app donations. Use the SnapScan app to make easy payments.

Folha Plant Shop

Folha Plant Shop: an eden in the city

Folha offers a literal breath of fresh air, nestled in Cape Town's bustling streets.

Woman paying online with SnapScan mobile app in bed

4 tips to easily optimise your online store

Is the cart becoming the new Wishlist?

Email marketing

6 tips for the perfect email marketing strategy

Up your email game and increase your ROI

Rumsy's Noose Vegan Donuts, Cape Town

Rumsy’s Noose: why their donuts are so special

"Donuts are among the brightest stars in the constellation of our romance."

Blood Orange Cape Town

Blood Orange: The sisterhood of the travelling dungarees

The female powerhouse with tips on how to turn your idea into reality.

Fintech team relaxing on chairs and beanbags in in lunch room

What is the importance of diversity and inclusivity in tech?

"Sure, your team is more diverse, but is it better?"

Grumpy & Runt Cape Town vegan donuts and coffee

Grumpy & Runt: love in every bite

Opening a restaurant isn't easy, opening 17 days before lockdown is extraordinary

Fabricate local South African design and gift store

Fabricate: supporting local designers

Fabricate champions locally made products, and supports designers starting out.

A tippee from Tip4Change giving the thumbs up with both hands

Tip4Change: a cashless way to show your gratitude

It's an easy way to thank workers for services rendered.

Two men getting lunch at work

What is psychological safety in the workplace and why does it matter?

No one wants to leave part of their personality and inner life at home.

Hannah Lavery

Hannah Lavery: comfortable is the new powerful

Hannah Lavery's fashion encompasses the midpoint between pyjamas and power suits.

Love Books bookstore in Melville Johannesburg

Love Books: a book lover’s dream

Learn more about Love Books' business journey.


Pay Links: making remote payments quick and easy

If there’s one thing your customers won’t say no to, it’s convenience.

Sealand Gear Upcycled Bags

Sealand Gear: turning yacht sails into responsible sales

Ever thought to wear old yacht sails on your back? The Sealand crew sure did!

Person packing Shopify order boxes using SnapScan

How we make Shopify work for our online shop

Use Shopify and SnapScan for easy online payments.

Hack Week SnapScan

Behind the scenes of SnapScan’s hack week

Give your engineering team (and company) a boost with a hack week.

Home office business planning in wooden desk with notepad

In good company: deciding how to structure your business

Is a sole proprietorship or company best for you?

Hack week at SnapScan

Hack week BTS: a little gratitude goes a long way

If you had a week to make anything you wanted, what would you build? For...

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SnapScan Campus Prepaid Student card illustration

What do Beijing and Stellenbosch have in common?

On September 1st, 2016, I arrived in Beijing for my masters degree, bleary-eyed after 24...

Hackweek at SnapScan: SnapSongs

Hack week BTS: A jukebox and some SnapSongs

Building a jukebox was a long-standing idea that kept sneaking its way into conversations.

Building Rapport with Customers

8 communication tips for success in sales

Effective communication is a key component in securing sales and building rapport.

Dr Pachanga Johannesburg

Dr Pachanga: The cure to the style blues

You're bound to find something for everyone at this local fashion brand.

The Perfect Cup Roastery

The Perfect Cup: the magic beans of Parkview

The perfect stop for a delicious coffee and tasty meal.

A woman with a phone in her hand, and her laptop open to Instagram.

How to use Instagram to sell your products

Capitalise on Instagram’s reach to sell your products to a larger audience.

Dryad Press

Dryad Press: amplifying local voices

Providing an avenue for critical voices to be heard in South Africa is vital


XEN4: Coworking spaces and what to consider

Ditch the dining room table for uncapped wifi and complimentary coffee.

A woman sitting at a desk using her computer while chatting on the phone

How to build rapport through active listening

It’s important for people to feel heard and understood.

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