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 5 Business Owners Share How They Survive The Winter Season

Drink in their advice to warm up your frosty sales

Drink in their advice to warm up your frosty sales

Email marketing

6 tips for the perfect email marketing strategy

Up your email game and increase your ROI

A customer looking at the SnapLink payment methods on their phone

6 ways SnapLinks can help you process online payments faster

Both you and your customers will love this convenient payment solution.

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A business owner standing in her office talking on the phone while using a digital business tool on her iPad

A nifty guide for choosing your next business tool

Use this handy checklist when comparing digital tools

An image of the inside of Hamilton Gallery

Love Actually: How Passion Fuelled These Businesses’ Growth

Passion is the motivating force that drives these businesses forward.

A woman sitting at her laptop viewing the SnapScan payment screen on a Shopstar website

5 reasons to use Shopstar to build your online store in South Africa

Easily create and manage your online store with this eCommerce platform.

a businesswoman sitting at her laptop wearing a christmas hat

5 Business Lessons We Learned From These Holiday Movies

Get inspired while embracing the festive season.

An image of someone packing an order for their online stores

6 ways to improve the efficiency of your online store

Use these plugins to automate some of your processes.

A woman using her mobile tools to streamline her business

11 mobile tools that will streamline your business operations

Boost your productivity no matter where you’re working from

A customer tapping to pay on the SnapStore Pro card machine

Everything you need to know about the SnapScan card machine

Add a little snappiness to your business with this all-in-one device.

A man sitting at a desk working on his laptop

5 reasons why your online store needs our WooCommerce Payment Gateway

Streamline your online payment process with our nifty plugin.


Sisterhood of success: 5 practical tips for aspiring business owners

Maximise your business potential with these proven tips!


How to set up the WooCommerce SnapScan Payment Gateway

Follow these instructions to set up your SnapScan Payment Gateway in a snap!


How To Choose The Best Card Machine For Your Business

Equip your business with the tools it needs to succeed.

A sales woman working at a Point of Sale device

14 things to consider when buying a POS system for your business

Level up your business tools to improve your customer service.

A person sitting on a chair with a laptop on his lap. Emojis next to him depict online business ideas.

11 online business ideas for budding entrepreneurs 

Become your own boss when you start one of these online businesses.

A person sitting at a desk, writing content for his small business blog

8 great blogging tips for small business owners

Use this advice to gain your audience’s trust and turn them into customers.

An image of a women receiving a message from a customer who was targeted using Facebook and WhatsApp marketing

How to market your business using Facebook and WhatsApp

A step-by-step guide on how to use these popular platforms to reach potential customers.

An image of someone doing calculations to apply for business funding

How to get funding for your small business

Learn what types of funding are available and where to apply.

A person using Instagram for online marketing

An essential guide to online marketing for small businesses

Get noticed by customers online with these useful tools.

A woman who started her business standing with a welcome sign

6 factors you should consider when starting a business

Use these tips to turn your idea into an operating business.

SnapScan for Your Business

6 ways SnapScan can help your business collect payments

Get paid in a snap with our range of payment solutions.

A small business owner stands leans through the open window of a business

Good advice: 6 tips for aspiring small business owners

Learn the lessons these entrepreneurs picked up while running their businesses.

two women in a clothing store browsing clothing items

4 easy ways to have authentic interactions with your customers

Authentic interactions are crucial to building a solid rapport with customers.

Two women sitting opposite each other, both working on laptops

9 money management tips to keep your small business afloat

Tackling your finances doesn’t have to be a daunting experience.

a smiling man seated at his workstation using online tools

16 (mostly) free online tools that’ll help you grow your small business

Use these nifty tools to drive your business forward.

a phone screen with a white speech bubble popping out that displays the logos of four easy to use ecommerce platforms

4 easy-to-use ecommerce platforms you can use to build your online store

Find a platform that suits the needs of your small business.

a woman sitting at her desk in front of a laptop with a pen in one hand

8 things you should consider when creating an online store

Creating an online store doesn't have to be an overwhelming experience.

guy sitting at his desk filling in his invoice template

A guide on invoicing for small businesses

Find a solution that suits your small business needs

a group of people using their laptops to find tips to increasing donations during online campaigns

10 tips to increase donations from online campaigns

Use social media to spread awareness about your organisation.

a woman at a desk filling in forms for her side hustle ideas

10 side hustle ideas you can turn into a small business

Use your skills to help you earn some extra income

A woman with a phone in her hand, and her laptop open to Instagram.

How to use Instagram to sell your products

Capitalise on Instagram’s reach to sell your products to a larger audience.

A woman sitting at a desk using her computer while chatting on the phone

How to build rapport through active listening

It’s important for people to feel heard and understood.

An image that shows a customer receiving a SnapLink

SnapLinks: making remote payments quick and easy

If there’s one thing your customers won’t say no to, it’s convenience.

Building Rapport with Customers

8 communication tips for success in sales

Effective communication is a key component in securing sales and building rapport.

Person packing Shopify order boxes using SnapScan

How we make Shopify work for our online shop

Use Shopify and SnapScan for easy online payments.

Woman paying online with SnapScan mobile app in bed

4 tips to easily optimise your online store

Is the cart becoming the new Wishlist?

Sales person interacting with customer in retail store

How to build rapport with your customers to increase sales

How can you connect with customers, build their trust, and increase sales?

Home office business planning in wooden desk with notepad

In good company: deciding how to structure your business

Is a sole proprietorship or company best for you?

Payments in a snap for every type of business

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