Everything you need to know about the SnapStore Pro card machine Everything you need to...

Everything you need to know about the SnapStore Pro card machine


6 Oct, 2023
A customer tapping to pay on the SnapStore Pro card machine

Looking to streamline your point of sale payments? You’ll love the SnapStore Pro card machine.

Launched in April 2023, the SnapStore Pro is an all-in-one device. Our snappy card machine lets you offer customers more payment options without juggling various payment tools from multiple service providers. 

“What we like most about the SnapStore Pro is that it allows us to handle all payments through it,” says Cape CrossFit CEO Chris Oman. “The design is slick, and our staff quickly learned how to use it without any lengthy instructions needed!”

But we know purchasing a new payment tool isn’t always a quick decision (especially since it’ll influence how your business operates), so here’s all the information you need to take the next step in your payment journey.

1. What kind of payments can I accept with the SnapStore Pro? 

The SnapStore Pro is an all-in-one card machine with five different payment methods. Customers can:

1. Tap, swipe or insert any Mastercard or Visa bank card,
2. Scan your SnapCode with their SnapScan or Masterpass apps,
3. Tap to pay using digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Garmin Pay.
4. You can also send customers a SnapLink to collect remote payments and
5. Record cash payments.

By accepting all payments from one device, you can track and reconcile all your transactions in one place.

The SnapStore Pro card machine on an orange platform

2. How do I track the payments I process through the SnapStore Pro?

Along with accepting payments, the SnapStore Pro card machine has a Transactions feature that allows you to track, identify and reconcile your transactions easily.

View your Transactions summary to get a quick view of your total sales, transactions, tips and SnapScan fee. Alternatively, browse your Transaction history for a more detailed view of your transactions.

You can also view this information through your online Merchant Portal. 

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3. How big is the SnapStore Pro card machine?

The device is approximately 145 mm x 74 mm x 11 mm, making it easy to travel with and accept payments on the go. 

4. Is it a smart device?

The SnapStore Pro functions like a smartphone; simply tap the touchscreen to make a sale or view your transactions.

5. What is the connectivity like on the card machine?

The SnapStore Pro is equipped with a Dual 4G SIM card, allowing you to choose the network best suited for your area.

Both SIM cards are preloaded before the device is sent to you and come with unlimited free data. You can also connect the device to a Wi-Fi network. 

6. What is the battery life like for loadshedding?

The SnapStore Pro has a long-lasting battery life, making it suitable for use during loadshedding. It should last the whole day once fully charged. However, we recommend charging it when not in use to ensure you’re always prepared. 

7. Does the SnapStore Pro have a tipping feature?

Yes, the card machine has a tipping feature enabled. Choose between preselected tip percentages or specify a unique amount or percentage based on your customer’s preference. 

An image showcasing the SnapStore Pro's scan functionality

8. Does the SnapStore Pro print receipts?

The SnapStore Pro does not have a printer. However, you can still send customers a digital receipt via email or SMS. You can also view your transaction history on the device to keep track of all your transactions. 

9. Will the SnapStore Pro card machine integrate with my Point of Sale software?

The SnapStore Pro is a standalone device and does not currently integrate with any Point of Sale software. 

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10. How much does it cost?

The SnapStore Pro card machine retails for R999.00. This is a once-off fee, and there are no additional monthly or settlement fees.

Plus, you’ll only pay a 2.5% excl. VAT transaction fee. This transaction fee is fixed and is not dependent on your monthly turnover; you only pay as you earn. This means we won’t charge you if you’re not using the card machine.

11. Where can I buy the SnapStore Pro? 

If you already have a SnapScan merchant account, you can order your SnapStore Pro card machine via your Merchant Portal or our online store. If you don’t have a SnapScan account, you’ll need to first sign up for an account.

Once you’ve signed up and verified your account, you’ll be prompted to pay for your device. Pay using your SnapScan app, bank card or via EFT. 

12. How long can I expect delivery of my SnapStore Pro to take?

Once you’ve paid for your card machine, it will be delivered via DHL within 3 – 5 business days. Orders delivered to remote areas may take a few days longer.

Love what you’ve read about the SnapStore Pro card machine? Take the next step and equip your business with your own snappy device today.

If you’re an existing SnapScan merchant, head to your Merchant Portal to order your device. If you’re new to SnapScan, sign up for a SnapScan merchant account here and order your device during sign-up. 

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