10 side hustle ideas you can turn into a small business 10 side hustle ideas...

10 side hustle ideas you can turn into a small business


28 May, 2021
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There’s no denying that Covid19 wreaked havoc on many of our personal finances. As a result of the global pandemic, many people are feeling the pinch. Developing a side hustle is a good way to earn extra income, while laying down the foundation for a business you can one day run full-time. 

Unlike your full-time job, a side hustle provides you with the freedom to decide how much you want to work and earn. You set the rules. All you need is an idea, some passion for entrepreneurship and determination to succeed. 

We can’t help you with the passion and determination, but we have compiled a list of ideas that you can use to start your own side hustle business. Some of these side hustle ideas require you to register on a platform that will facilitate the payment process, while other ideas offer more freedom, letting you decide how you want to collect payments. 

That’s where SnapScan comes in. By using our Payment Links, you’re easily able to collect remote payments. Simply send your customers a link, and they’ll be taken directly to your payment screen and can pay you in a snap. 

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Ready to start your journey? Browse through these side hustle ideas to kickstart your future business. 

1. Brew your own craft beer

Microbreweries became quite popular a few years ago, with its popularity showing no signs of slowing down. Many of their start-up stories include someone’s garage and a passion to create a beer that tastes unique and refreshing. If you consider yourself a beer connoisseur, why not create your own range? There are plenty of resources online that’ll teach you how to brew your own beer. All you have to do is decide on the flavour. Sell your drinks at markets or sell them online through social media or an ecommerce website.


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2. Teach your passion

One good thing to come out of lockdown is the rise of virtual classes. If you have a skill you’re particularly good at, you can teach others to do the same. Host cooking classes, give dance lessons or teach someone how to use a particular piece of software. 

3. Write and sell an ebook

Do you have expert knowledge of a particular subject matter? It could be anything from hair care tips to taking care of tattoos or even digital marketing advice. Create an ebook to share your knowledge with interested readers. It costs less than publishing a book, and it’s something you can create yourself. Canva has excellent templates to get you started. You can sell your ebook on your website, your social media platforms or list it on Amazon


4. Create an online course

Along with side hustles, short courses are popular with people looking for personal development. More people want to upskill themselves without a long-term commitment, like a degree. Use your expert knowledge to create a course on sites like Udemy and Teachable. It’s a great way to share your expertise and inspire others. 

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5. Make something to sell

The sky’s the limit here. Some products require skill and creativity, like artwork and clothing, while others require research along with good old trial and error, like beauty products. If you can produce good quality products, why not sell them to earn some extra cash? You can create crafts, paintings, woodwork, clothes etc. Sell them at traditional markets or sell them online

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an illustration of jewellry that was made for someone's side hustle idea

6. Become a tour guide

Love telling stories? Share your love for your neighbourhood with others. VoiceMap provides audio tours for people visiting a city. These tours include stories about local spots that tourists will find interesting. Register with VoiceMap to create an audio tour of your city. Pick a theme, pick your favourite spots, and put them together for a tour that people visiting your city can follow and enjoy. You’ll get paid every time someone purchases your tour. 

7. Become a freelance writer

Put your creative writing skill to work. Whether you’re freelancing or want to write in your spare time, sites like Upwork, Nomad Now or Guild provide you with a way to earn cash for your creativity. These sites connect writers with businesses who need work done. Create a profile and let them know what services you offer.  

8. Sell secondhand clothes

With sustainability influencing how people live these days, more people are looking to buy secondhand clothes. Of course, there are also those looking for a good deal. If you have good quality clothing items that you’re willing to part with, why not sell them for extra cash? Take pictures of the clothes you’re looking to sell – if you can show what they look like on you, even better! Create an Instagram account and add your pictures as posts, including some descriptions and the price as the caption. 

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an illustration of clothing on hangers

9. Cook lunches, dinners, or bake treats. 

There’s a reason why food delivery apps are popular: people love to eat, but hate cooking. Whether it’s a lack of time or skill, people are already used to outsourcing their meal prep. Take advantage of this if you’re a whizz in the kitchen. Set a menu for the week and share it on social media. Alternatively, if you love baking, share your treats with the rest of the world. For inspiration, read how Rumsy’s Noose got started. 

an illustration of baked goods

10. Take stock photography

Travel everywhere with your camera? Your photos don’t need to be buried in a folder on your laptop, waiting to be rediscovered in five years. Share your images with stock photography sites like Getty or Shutterstock. You can also sell your images to Adobe. The creative giant collects images for their library that people can use in their projects. 

With some time and effort, you can easily turn one of these side hustle ideas into a fully-fledged business. Choose one that resonates with you the most and create something that you can enjoy, while you’re getting paid. Once you have your idea, read this article for some insight into how to structure your business. 

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