SnapLinks: making remote payments quick and easy SnapLinks: making remote payments...

SnapLinks: making remote payments quick and easy


28 Apr, 2021
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If there’s one thing your customers won’t say no to, it’s convenience. With our SnapLinks (formerly known as Pay Links), you’ll be giving your customers just that. Just like our QR codes, SnapLinks are an easy, seamless way to collect payments from your customers. 

They’re especially beneficial when it comes to remote mobile payments. If you send your customers a picture of your QR code, it’s difficult for them to pay you – people rarely have two phones. SnapLinks solve this problem for you and your customers. 

A business owner sending a SnapLink to a customer

What are SnapLinks? 

SnapLinks are SnapCodes in their URL form – they’re just a link. You can easily get your SnapLink from the SnapScan Merchant Portal. Don’t have a SnapScan account yet? Click here to sign up for SnapScan.

SnapLinks are extremely versatile. Send them as a text message, via your social platforms, integrate them into your website, or even add them to your invoices. 

When customers click on a SnapLink from their mobile device, they bypass the QR code. Customers are taken directly to the payment screen in their SnapScan app. If the customer doesn’t have the app, they’ll be prompted to download it, or they can choose to pay using their bank card. When customers click the link from their desktop, they’ll be shown your SnapCode which can be scanned to complete the payment, or they can enter bank card details if they don’t have the SnapScan app.

Keep track of your orders

Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp, setting up an online business has never been easier. Direct messages allow customers to easily contact you to place an order. In turn, you decide how you want to collect payments. By using SnapScan’s SnapLinks, you’re guaranteed a simple payments process.  

Vegan home bakery, Rumsy’s Noose, sells freshly baked vegan donuts every Saturday. Most of their sales are received via Instagram and Facebook. These donut enthusiasts didn’t hesitate to use SnapLinks as a payment method. “We are a small business, and neither of us are particularly good with bookkeeping and we hate dealing with EFTs,” explains co-founder Gabriele James. 

Once customers place their order, they receive a SnapLink to complete their payment. “Being able to send customers a SnapLink has been amazing,” says Gabriele. “They’re easy for the customer to use and the transaction reflects immediately.” 

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For small businesses like Rumsy’s Noose, being able to track and identify who has paid them is incredibly important. This is why the vegan home bakers make use of the reference functionality. “It helps to differentiate the payments from one another on a busy day,” explains Gabriele. It also means orders are processed quicker as they don’t need to wait for the customer’s proof of payment. 

Want to make use of the reference functionality? Email the SnapScan team at to get this set up.

Process payments in a snap

SnapLinks aren’t just beneficial to small businesses that operate on social media. Pizza franchise, Butler’s Pizza, has successfully integrated SnapLinks into their website’s chatbot. Hungry customers place their orders online using the ‘telebutler’. 

After selecting items from the menu, customers insert their delivery address, choose a branch and select pay. A SnapLink is automatically sent to them via text. Once customers click this link, they’re taken directly to Butler’s pay screen in the SnapScan app. It’s a simple, easy way for customers to pay for their order, without having to load their details onto yet another website. And because payments are processed instantly, they can rest assured knowing their pizza will arrive soon after.  

SnapScan Business Payment Solutions

Add SnapLinks to invoices 

Whether you’re a dentist, a plumber, or offer any other service, make it easy for your clients to pay you from their mobile devices. By including a SnapLink on your invoices they’re able to make a payment instantly. It’s a simple way to get paid in a snap.

Get Started

  1. Log in to the Merchant Portal.
  2. Click on the Payment Methods tab on the left. You’ll now see a list of all your SnapCodes. 
  3. Click ‘Get SnapLink’ for the relevant SnapCode. This will automatically copy your SnapLink.
  4. Paste it into the relevant spot. 
  5. When someone clicks this link they’ll instantly be able to make a payment. 

You can even send a SnapLink while you’re on the go. All you need to do is download the SnapStore app and you’ll be able to generate and send a SnapLink anywhere, anytime. The mobile app allows registered SnapScan businesses to easily collect payments wherever they are.

Accepting remote payments has never been easier. “It was super quick and easy to set up,” says Gaby. SnapLinks helped Rumsy’s Noose process their online orders quickly and efficiently. Now, let it do the same for your business.

Want to send a SnapLink, but don’t yet have a SnapScan account? Click here to sign up for SnapScan.

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