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More than QR codes: how to pay with your SnapScan app


15 Oct, 2020
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SnapScan is predominantly a QR code-based payment provider that prides itself on easy, seamless ways to pay your favourite businesses and organisations. Each of our merchants has their own unique QR code. That being said, we are always expanding our payment processes and developing new ways for you to make snappy payments. 

Our QR code scanning process doesn’t work for all situations which is why we offer SnapLinks and a number of in-app payment options to settle your bills, pay your university fees, or donate to a charity close to your heart.

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Scan to pay

To pay one of our merchants using their QR codes, you simply need to open your SnapScan app and use the camera button to scan their QR code. Once scanned, you’ll be taken to the pay screen of the relevant merchant on the app. Enter the amount you wish to pay and use your SnapScan pin or biometric authentication to authorise the payment. 

SnapScan SnapLinks

Making QR code payments can be tricky if you’re paying on your phone and don’t have a second screen or physical QR code to scan and pay. Our Payment Links bypass the scanning process so that you can pay straight from your phone. When you click the SnapLink on your phone, it’ll redirect you straight to the merchant’s pay screen on the app, as if you’d scanned their QR code. When the link is opened in your computer browser, it’ll take you to a page that displays the QR Code to scan and pay with your phone. Merchants can share this link via email, social media, WhatsApp, or SMS for their customers to easily make payments straight from their phones. 

The SnapScan Wallet

Your SnapScan Wallet functions like a digital bank account. You can use the Wallet as a simple budgeting tool to help you stay on top of your financial goals. Top up your Wallet every month, and use that money to pay for recurring expenses like your morning coffee or save money in your Wallet for a few months, and then use your funds to purchase a more expensive item. When using SnapScan to pay, remember to check your payment method. Choose to Pay with card or select Pay with Wallet to use the funds in your Wallet.

Illustration of sending money to friends using the SnapScan app wallet peer to peer payment technology

Want to repay a friend for lunch or coffee? You can easily send money to their SnapScan Wallet. Get started by sending them a link to connect with them in the app or scan their QR code.

Unlock more features when you verify your app. Verification is a once-off process that allows you to withdraw the money in your Wallet, or send money from your Wallet to a friend’s SnapScan Wallet. You’ll need a South African ID and supported bank account to verify your app. There’s also a 3.5% charge when you withdraw money to your linked bank account.

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In-app payment options

In addition to our QR codes and Payment Links, we have a number of in-app payment options. Our bills section has an extensive list of municipalities, financial services, retailers, healthcare providers and more. Similarly, our Prepaid section offers on-the-go payments for electricity, airtime and data, and box office. 

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SnapScan parking

In the modern world, we’re often caught out with no cash. Parking can be one of those awkward moments and running to an ATM can be a hassle. The SnapScan in-app parking option allows you to easily sync your pre-populated information with the parking attendant assisting you and seamlessly complete the payment with no cash or slips.

We’ve also partnered with a number of shopping malls to allow you to pay for your ticket with the SnapScan app. Simply scan the barcode on your parking ticket to pay. This means you no longer have to stand in queues or scramble to find coins to pay. Check out this link to see a list of shopping malls where you can pay for parking in a snap.

Illustrated typography Help Causes close to your heart with the SnapScan in-app recurring donations


You can also check out our in-app donations section, which lists a number of worthy causes. We are always looking to help organisations make a change in the world, and our in-app donations option gives some special organisations the platform to receive the support they need. You can also set up an ongoing donation to some of these organisations if you’d like to contribute monthly.

Although QR codes provide fast, easy payments, we are always looking to do more and expand the payment options we offer. The SnapScan Wallet, Payment Links and in-app offerings all contribute to making the admin of payments a little easier, and we hope to develop this even more going forward. 

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