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Silence the beeping meter: recharge electricity in a snap


15 Oct, 2020
Illustration of a Prepaid Electricity Meter

Is 500m far enough to justify ordering a taxi so you can go to a store to buy electricity?

I almost hate to admit it, but after a long day of university, as the electricity meter’s beeps grew more haunting, this was a question I often found myself deliberating. I’d wonder how far those last few units could get me. Is there enough left for me to pretend I didn’t hear the beeping and make it my roommate’s problem? 

I know, I was just being lazy. A 1km walk to the nearest store and back would have been good for me. Looking back, I probably should have taken advantage of the freedom of being able to walk that 1km for electricity (thanks COVID). 

At the time, my regular SnapScan transaction was a R6 bag of popcorn from the university cafe that I’d split with my friend. However, working at SnapScan these last few months, I have discovered and learned that our app goes far beyond that R6 popcorn, and this has been (not to be overly dramatic or anything) quite life-changing. Now I no longer need my wallet with me wherever I go, and I don’t have to touch keypads to pay for things. 

I just use my phone — I just use my phone to buy electricity, too.

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Here’s how easy it is to recharge electricity with the SnapScan app, swipe to see the next steps:

That’s it! A few simple steps (and it’s less once you’ve added your meter number, the app remembers this for next time). No more debates about cardio and no more haunting beeps following me around.

There is so much more to discover about the world of mobile payments as we head into the unknown that is our new normal. Could there be a better time to explore?



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