XEN4: coworking spaces and what to consider XEN4: coworking spaces and...

XEN4: coworking spaces and what to consider


12 May, 2021

I’m sitting at a tiny antique writing desk littered with cups of half-finished tea, a pile of notes topped with a sleeping cat, and cables that are growing across it like knotted ivy. Covid19 has brought changes to many industries, with many young professionals (like myself) working remotely. It was off to a good start, however, I’m still living with my parents, and this means I’m working in a delightful, yet distracting environment that I neither have the time nor the money to curate and transform into my ideal working space.

This is why coworking spaces, like XEN4, have sparked my interest. They offer an escape from the usual routine by providing a well-designed workspace that will boost creativity. 

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If, like me, you are also considering a coworking space then this article is for you. We spoke to Joanne le Roux, an industry expert from XEN4, about their mission, and what you need to consider when finding your perfect workspace.

Who is XEN4?

XEN4 offers a corporate and professional coworking space. Joanne says this allows individuals to have a corporate office space without the limitations of signing a lease. Instead you pay as you go each month for access to everything you need.

Networking and collaborating is such an integral part of growing a business or idea. XEN4 believes that collaboration begins with space design and facilitation. This is why XEN4 offers amazing flexi-desk spaces. Their flexi-desk setup allows two to four people to sit anywhere in that area. There are no dedicated desks, they can sit wherever they feel comfortable, making the space ideal for collaboration and teamwork. If someone is looking for a more private space to work as a team, they also offer private meeting rooms and a boardroom. 

Situated in Blouberg, Joanne says XEN4 offers the local community an alternative to the city centre. “We want to give the people living in Blouberg and the surrounding areas a convenient office space to work from should they need it without the long commute and having to sit in traffic,” she explains.

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Make sure your chosen space has lots of secure and convenient parking.

Beat the WFH blues

Joanne describes coworking spaces, like XEN4, as a place that allows people to escape the daily duties and responsibilities they have at home, such as dishes, laundry, or cleaning in order to completely focus on their day and work. “Most of our clients say they get so much more done in our office space,” Joanne says. This makes me think that it may be high time I escape to this little oasis of productivity. 

Connecting with other individuals, networking, increased productivity, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility are all potential benefits of a coworking space. Much to my delight, Joanne informed us that XEN4 offers uncapped high speed wifi so you can have a smooth connection and can skip screaming at your router. They also have uninterrupted power supply so you won’t have any interruptions during loadshedding. Personally, it’s the fact that you can make tea during loadshedding that’s the highlight for me!

To help you find a coworking space that works for you (whether you’re trying to escape distractions or perhaps you’re just seeking a change in scenery once or twice a week), Joanne has given us a few criteria to look for when on the search for your ideal work haven.

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Do you need space to collaborate, space to focus, or both?

The questions to ask yourself when looking for a coworking space:

  • Does the space facilitate collaboration? 
    There should be a variety of seating options available. Large desks, adjustable chairs, and standing, or sitting options all promote collaboration. XEN4 makes sure to offer this to their customers as well as whiteboards at each workstation, office supplies, tea, coffee, and filtered water. 
  • Does the space facilitate connection? 
    A space should encourage connection and safe socialisation. An open plan office is ideal because it allows people to interact, build relationships, and connect. For example, XEN4 has an on-site café, kitchenette, as well as a break out area where people can meet and connect with each other. Sometimes a coffee is the best ice-breaker. 

  • Does the space facilitate innovation?
    Xen4 is open to people from all industries. This creates an opportunity to get to know people from different sectors.  All too often it’s an outside perspective that can give that push an idea needs to go from good to groundbreaking.
  • Does the space facilitate creation?
    A coworking office should provide a clean and well equipped space, that way there isn’t anything that could limit people’s creativity and workflow. XEN4 wants to provide a space where ideas are born and have the space to grow into something ingenious.
  • Does it facilitate success?
    Sometimes work is hard enough, so it’s important to make sure that your space is setting you up for success. Ideally, you should look for a comfortable space with premium office furniture, light airy spaces to boost productivity, and an open plan environment with private rooms to promote collaboration as well as facilitate more focused sessions.  
  • Does it offer convenience?
    A work environment’s location is also very important. XEN4 is the perfect location for people living in Blouberg and surrounding areas. The XEN4 offices are close to public transport and all amenities. XEN4 also has printing facilities, a secure parking area, fingerprint access control etc. All of these features combined with XEN4’s market related and affordable rates, make XEN4 your potentially ideal work environment.

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Having an outside area can make all the difference when you need to take a breather.

Businesses have varied needs, so a diverse workspace is important. A space often needs to tick different boxes on different days which is why XEN4 tries to cater to what individuals need, whether it’s a bigger desk to explore wild new ideas or a private boardroom forteam training sessions. 

Even though my cat may be sad to have her bed of notes taken away, it seems coworking spaces are calling my name. If you have also become accustomed to working in places that shouldn’t be worked in, with cats sleeping in places that shouldn’t be slept in, then perhaps they’re calling your name too. 

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