Cape Crossfit: from humble beginnings to a fitness powerhouse Cape Crossfit: from humble...

Cape Crossfit: from humble beginnings to a fitness powerhouse


8 Jun, 2023

When I moved to Cape Town in 2018, a chance encounter on Buitenkant Street introduced me to CrossFit. I politely declined the gentleman’s brochure, confidently asserting my existing gym subscription, and continued to my student apartment. 

Little did I know that I would step into Cape CrossFit at Pier Place a few years later and discover the unique aspects that make this coaching facility and fitness community exceptional.

With a fuelled-up environment, expert trainers, and diverse workouts, Cape CrossFit is the ultimate destination for those looking to elevate their fitness game and achieve remarkable results. 

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We spoke to Cape CrossFit CEO, Chris Oman, to get the inside scoop on their business and how their journey shaped their thriving fitness community.

From gardens to the cape

What started as a single gym in a modest 250m2 facility in Gardens has exploded into a thriving multi-facility business, with branches in prominent areas such as the Cape Town Foreshore, Claremont, and Somerset West.

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Chris Oman highlights that their emphasis on individual attention and inclusivity sets Cape CrossFit apart from other fitness centres. Their versatile offerings cater to individuals of all fitness levels and experiences, making them a welcoming sanctuary for anyone, regardless of their starting point.

With a strong focus on safety and productivity, Cape CrossFit ensures that each member embarks on their fitness journey armed with the knowledge of functional movements, nutrition, body maintenance, and other valuable tools. Their mission is to guide individuals toward becoming the fittest and healthiest versions of themselves.

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Transforming challenges into triumphs

“Operating Cape CrossFit has been a journey filled with transformations and countless highlights,” says Chris. 

“We continuously hear how our members go from being inactive and spending most of their free time on the couch to becoming strong and healthy, and then they start to enjoy all the amazing mountains, beaches, and more that Cape Town has to offer. We truly live for the opportunity to help more people realise what it means to live life truly.”

However, like any brand, Cape CrossFit has faced numerous challenges, with the Covid-19 pandemic being the most significant obstacle. Adapting to the online environment and rebuilding their gyms in the “new economy” led them to employ innovative approaches for sustainable growth. 

Their expansion includes their popular in-house coffee shop, “The Power Bar,” which offers refreshments to members and the general public. 

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Fitness in a snap

To enhance their daily operations and offer their customers an entirely convenient experience, Cape CrossFit incorporated SnapScan into their business. Utilising the SnapScan card machine as their go-to card machine has allowed them to accept all payments seamlessly through their snappy device.

This integration has proven to be an invaluable tool for the business, streamlining their payment collections and offering them a versatile platform for accepting card and SnapScan payments.

“What we like most about the SnapScan card machine is that it allows us to handle ALL payments through it,” said Chris. “The design is slick, and our staff quickly learned how to use it without any lengthy instructions needed!”

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Building a stronger tomorrow

Looking ahead, Cape CrossFit remains focused on consolidating and optimising its existing facilities and Power Bars. 

Their primary objective is to ensure that they deliver the best fitness solutions to their current and future members. As for what the future holds beyond that, only time will reveal the exciting possibilities for Cape CrossFit.

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Their ability to adapt during the Covid-19 pandemic, embrace innovative approaches, and leverage technology like SnapStore Pro showcases the importance of agility and staying open to change. Other businesses can foster sustainable growth and success by prioritising individual needs, promoting inclusivity, and delivering exceptional value.

If you’re ready to sweat and achieve your fitness goals, visit Cape Crossfit’s website or follow them on Instagram for a glimpse into their world. 

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