5 reasons why your online store needs our WooCommerce Payment Gateway 5 reasons why your...

5 reasons why your online store needs our WooCommerce Payment Gateway


5 Oct, 2023
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What’s your favourite part of online shopping?

Is it finding the perfect product? Clicking ‘Add to cart’? Or is it receiving the ‘Your order is on its way’ notification?

While shopping online offers many dopamine hits, nothing ruins the moment faster than a complicated checkout experience.

Like you, your customers are busy people who won’t hesitate to abandon their cart at the first sign of friction. Don’t let a complex checkout process be the reason they leave your site without making a purchase.

Instead, offer your customers a delightful shopping experience from start to finish with our WooCommerce Payment Gateway.

Since launching our WooCommerce plugin, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses streamline their online payment process. 

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Whether you’re starting your business or simply looking for another payment gateway, here are five reasons why you should add SnapScan to your online store: 

1. It’s easy to use (for you and your customers!) 

Our WooCommerce payment gateway requires no coding and is easy enough for you to install yourself. Once installed, your customers will experience a seamless payment experience.

“SnapScan is easy to use, and at the end of the day, customers are looking for quicker and easier ways to shop online, so it’s a no-brainer,” says Talissa van Rensburg from Blu Betty. “Coupled with this, SnapScan is an efficient company with brand recognition and integrity.”

“I personally find SnapScan so quick and easy, and I use it so much in my own life; if there’s an option to snap, I’m going to snap,” adds Shannon McLaughlin from Ubuntu Baba. “I love that I can offer my customers the same convenience.”

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2. Your customers trust us

Over the years, SnapScan has become a widely recognised payment service provider. Although initially used for face-to-face payments, customers already equate the brand with fast and convenient payments.

Like Blu Betty, brand recognition is one of the reasons why Dr Alek Nikolic from SkinMiles opted to add our WooCommerce payment gateway to his ecommerce store.

“I chose to use SnapScan mostly for the convenience of shoppers and having the ability to offer another payment platform, but SnapScan is also a well-known brand in South Africa and has garnered a good following and is considered a trusted payment gateway.”

Along with being a convenient payment method, our online payment offering is secure. SnapScan encrypts your customers’ sensitive payment data. We’ve also enabled 3Dsecure for online transactions, so customers can verify their payments, which in turn reduces your business’ exposure to fraudulent activity. 

3. Offer customers multiple ways to pay with one WooCommerce plugin

When it comes to payment preferences, no two customers are alike. While some prefer the convenience of using their SnapScan app to pay, others prefer to pay using their bank card.

The perk of using our WooCommerce payment gateway is that you can use one plugin to offer customers both payment options. Enjoy the benefits of providing customers with more payment methods while only managing one tool and dealing with one service provider.

Not only does this streamline your payment process, but it also helps you manage your transactions better. Make recon a breeze by keeping track of all your transactions in one place. 

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4. Our WooCommerce Payment Gateway is affordable 

At a time when the cost of doing business is increasing exponentially, the last thing we want to do is add to your list of expenses. Part of our mission has always been to help small businesses succeed.

To us, that means providing seamless payment tools and making them accessible to all those looking to start or grow their business.

It’s completely free to sign up for a SnapScan merchant account, and it’s free to install and use our WooCommerce payment gateway. We only charge a transaction fee based on your previous month’s turnover. Plus, since our rates are dynamic, the more you earn, the less you pay.

Sharon Thewlis, co-founder of TheBerryBoy, first started using SnapScan at markets. When they launched their online store in 2020, having SnapScan as a payment option was a no-brainer. “We also use Payfast, but we have a lot more traffic through SnapScan as it’s cheaper and more user-friendly,” she explains. 

SnapScan Business Payment Solutions

5. Get access to your money quicker

No more waiting around to receive the money your customers pay you. With SnapScan, you can put your hard-earned cash to use faster.

SnapScan settles every business day, which means you’ll receive your money quicker and have better cash flow. Businesses that bank with Standard Bank receive next-business-day settlement, while businesses that bank elsewhere will receive their settlements within 1-3 business days. 

With all the benefits our WooCommerce Payment Gateway provides, we highly recommend you integrate it into your online store. Hundreds of businesses are already using it to get paid in a snap online, and it can assist you too. Check out our online guide to learn how to install it on your online store. 

Heads up! You need a SnapScan merchant account to use our WooCommerce plugin. Don’t have a SnapScan merchant account? Sign up here for a better way to get paid.

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