How to build rapport with your customers to increase sales How to build rapport...

How to build rapport with your customers to increase sales


14 Oct, 2020
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How can you connect with customers, build their trust, and increase sales?

Rapport is establishing a trusting relationship. This can be achieved when people connect and seek to understand one another. This is important for business owners because trust allows for the unconscious mind to be receptive towards products, suggestions, and concepts. Building rapport can be challenging because it involves gaining trust from a stranger.

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Mike Schultz, identifies five outcomes of building rapport:

  • People talk to people they like
  • People share information with people they like
  • People trust and purchase from people they like
  • People express loyalty to people they like
  • People introduce others to people they like

When you have a strong relationship with a customer, your words tend to have more impact. That means the customer values your experience and trusts your advice. They will be more likely to consider your contribution to their decision-making process. This will impact their end consideration towards the purchasing of products or services. Ultimately, this results in the closing of a sale.

There is also a greater chance of such a customer becoming a “long-term” or loyal customer. When a strong foundation is built, one can ask loyal customers for referrals. This can lead to an increased customer base, as well as more sales. But most importantly, evidence suggests that 80% of your sales are generated by just 20% of your customers. Nurturing genuine relationships with your customers is incredibly important to your business’ success.

In this series of blog articles, I will share tips on how to build rapport with your customers to increase sales. These will include practical steps that you can take. We’ll focus on communication, attitude, and authenticity.

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