4 easy ways to have authentic interactions with your customers 4 easy ways to...

4 easy ways to have authentic interactions with your customers


14 Feb, 2022
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Ever wondered why being authentic is so important in sales? A customer will rarely connect to a consultant with misleading intentions. While everyone loves a good listener, few people like a manipulator.

Talking about oneself gives the brain as much pleasure as food and money! If you can get your prospective buyer talking about themselves, you are on the right track. Once you have proven to your customer that you are actively listening to their needs and concerns, you will have built a strong rapport with them. This is not only a strong foundation for closing a sale but for ensuring that a customer will return. 

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Now that we understand how to cultivate interactive conversation and active listening, we can focus on authenticity. There are four key ways to have an authentic interaction with a potential customer. 

an illustration of four key ways to have an authentic interaction

1. Ego suspension.

This can be an incredibly challenging technique. Suspending your ego is putting other individuals’ wants, needs, and perceptions of reality ahead of your own. Consultants and business owners who practice good ego suspension encourage potential customers to talk about themselves while abandoning their desires to share and better the story being shared.

2. Similarity.

People like people like them. The more you can find common ground, the more likely you will develop genuine rapport and like each other. Provide a little information about yourself to develop interactive communication and connection with your customers. Find shared experiences and interests to better relate to your potential buyer. Providing a little information about yourself can lead to more information being disclosed by your customer.  

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3. Validation.

This can be achieved with genuine compliments. Use words of affirmation to validate what your potential buyer is telling you. Listen to them with the intent to understand their needs and help them solve their problems. By shifting your focus from a sales pitch to trying to understand their needs, you will validate their sense of self and leave them feeling understood. Once they feel validated, they’re more likely to trust your advice and purchase something from you.

An illustration of two people validating each other to have an authentic interaction

4. Empathy.

Finding shared experiences and interests can help your customer genuinely connect to you. When you understand their point of view, this will help you feel empathetic to their needs. Not only will this encourage potential customers to share more information, but it affirms you are listening to them. 

While you’re incorporating these techniques into your interactions, remember to not overdo it. Over-friendliness and inauthentic sweetness often come across as deceptive or fake. Always be genuine with your interactions!

The fundamental rule is people buy from people they like. Strong rapport is built on the foundation of how we conduct our interactions. Our business reputations and our customer’s experiences are a direct outcome of the words we use and our intent behind them. Both parties deserve an authentic interaction that is honest, observant, and positive. 

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Christine is a Key Accounts Specialist and is obsessed with animal vines.

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