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8 amazing online stores where you can snap


25 Aug, 2021
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There’s nothing worse than shopping online, only to have to get up to find your card. Often, the one thing preventing me from completing a purchase is having to input my card details to complete my order. I’m all about convenience, and thanks to SnapScan’s recent partnership with Paystack, my online shopping habits (and yours!) are about to get a lot more convenient. 

Our recent partnership with Paystack means you can now checkout in a snap at even more online stores. No need to get up to find your card. Instead you can scan to pay wherever you see a SnapCode online. 

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To help you shop where it’s convenient, we’ve put together this list of cool online stores that will allow you to pay with SnapScan via their Paystack payment gateway. Happy shopping! 

1. 4WKS 

Life begins after the first cup of coffee, or so the saying goes. Make your morning cuppa (and all the ones thereafter) a sustainable cup by buying compostabile capsules from 4WKS. The online coffee retailer is on a mission to help coffee lovers create habits that are friendly towards the environment. Choose capsules from your favourite local brands to enjoy in the comfort of your home. The delicious coffee is packaged fresh each week, and is best enjoyed within four weeks. 

Get your environmentally friendly dose of caffeine here


coffee capsules from online store 4WKS

2. Plantify

Need some green in your life? Walk your fingers over to Plantify. This online plant shop boasts a selection anyone with green thumbs will fall in love with. Browse by type, room you need a plant in, ease of care, lighting, pot size and more to find a plant that will flourish in your space. You can also purchase beautiful planters to house your  green babies. 

Find your new love here.

3. Granadilla Swim

Get into the summer spirit by buying your next swimsuit from Granadilla Swimwear. Inspired by the ice-cream sellers on Cape Town’s shores, Granadilla Swim’s designs are an ode to summer, and the ice-creams that see you through it. The playful and quirky prints can be found on a selection of men’s swimwear, towels, bikinis and hoodies. Prep yourself for the upcoming warmer season by purchasing your summer essentials from Granadilla Swim. 

Get ready for summer here.

4. Crunch 

Putting together a healthy lunch for your child is hard enough, finding a way to package it all  together shouldn’t be. Locally made, the Crunchbox is a lunchbox that’s been specifically designed to hold all the nutritious food needed for a growing child. The cleverly designed compartments allow you to pack different types of snacks into one box without them mixing together during the course of the day. Choose from a range of fun designs that will make lunch a happy event for your child.  

Shop here.  

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5. Oh Oat

The milkman is back in business, but this time he’s delivering oat milk. Made from just five ingredients, Oh Oat’s oat milk is sustainable in every sense of the word. The plant-based milk is produced locally, and shipped in plastic-free packaging. With six flavours to choose from, Oh Oat has a milk for every occasion. Infuse your coffee with their original flavoured oat milk or delight your senses with Vanilla, Chocolate, Jasmine Matcha, Peanut Butter or Vanilla Bean.

Power your coffee here

image of a hand holding a bottle of Oh Oat's oat milk

6. Stickaroo 

You might be stuck indoors staring at your four walls thanks to the current pandemic, but there’s no reason those walls need to be boring. Take your interior design to the next level with wall decor from Stickaroo. The small, family run business sells wall stickers and prints in vibrant colours, with bold designs that will warm up any living space. Shop for yourself, your teenager, or even your toddler.  

Create your dream living space here

7. VampFurniture

Do you love carefully curating your living space with pieces that bring you joy? Pop over to Vamp’s online store (or make an appointment to visit their showroom). Vamp describes the style of their furniture collection as ‘new contemporary and timeless mid-century modern inspired style’. The online furniture store crafts with two types of wood, and a wide variety of colours to manufacture a piece that will fit into your space. They also sell one-of-a-kind vintage pieces they find, as well as a selection of artwork.

Find your next piece here.

8. Cultish® 

When you think of cults, you think of a secret, exclusive group. But fashion brand, Cultish, is far from that. Cultish’s clothes are all-inclusive, gender-neutral and easy to wear. Locally designed by Ryan Brussow, Cultish creates clothing you can wear whenever and wherever you want. Made from good quality textiles, each clothing item will live in your wardrobe long enough for it to transcend the changing seasons. 

Add longevity to your wardrobe here

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Megan is a Content Strategist at SnapScan, with a book-buying habit that is spiraling out of control.

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