Dr Pachanga: the cure to the style blues Dr Pachanga: the cure...

Dr Pachanga: the cure to the style blues


29 Mar, 2021
Dr Pachanga Johannesburg

When I first discovered Dr Pachanga on Instagram, I was captivated by their striking prints and bold colours. As a young creative, being able to express myself with my clothing is a big part of my identity and I am always on the lookout for local brands that can help me do just that.

When I found out that Dr Pachanga was taking part in Airbnb’s Shop Local, Support Jozi campaign, I was just about ready to pack my bags and move to Johannesburg to take part! As part of the campaign, when customers spent R100 or more with SnapScan, they received a R75 Jozibucks voucher which could be spent at other participating businesses. For more details on the campaign, check out our Jozibucks article.

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We caught up with the CEO of Dr Pachanga, Jean Rene Onyangunga, to ask how they stay inspired and keep pushing their ideas to new levels.

Tell us about your business journey, how did Dr Pachanga come into this world?

My mother and grandmother both worked in the fashion retail industry, so one could say that it is practically encoded in my DNA! Dr Pachanga started trading in Cape Town in 2011. We now have two stores in Johannesburg, one in Rosebank and one in Morningside, as well as our Cape Town store. Dr Pachanga has gone from strength to strength and now also has international customers with our website.

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What inspires your designs?

The thought of my customers knocking it out of the park in my designs is what keeps me going. I love to celebrate people in all their different versions, which is why you will find something for everyone in our stores.

How do you keep pushing your ideas further? Tell us about the evolution of the brand?

The most important thing is to know your customers. The way to do this is by spending time on your shop floor, working. The customers play a big part in steering the brand in a certain direction. 

Another way the brand has evolved is by implementing proper business systems. This can make all the difference.

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How is SnapScan part of your business?

SnapScan provides our customers with a contactless payment method and is priced competitively. Our customers love it. Especially during Covid19, it has helped make people feel more secure because customers don’t have to touch anything. It’s also great because you can leave your wallet at home and still shop!

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What’s one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned thus far?

Always answer your phone and your emails! You never know what opportunity the next call may bring. It’s important to put yourself and your business out there. Often if a customer has gone to the effort of finding my number and calling me, I can be almost certain that it is important. 

I often receive phone calls from customers who want directions to the store. It is super important that I make myself available to assist wherever I can and make the interaction with the brand as easy as possible for the customer.

What do you wish you’d learned sooner?

It’s important that a small business owner focuses on their core business and outsources the rest. You have to make peace with the fact that you can’t do everything. Focus on what you’re good at, the business deserves it.

How are you feeling about Airbnb’s Support Jozi, Shop Local campaign?

I love that two big brands are using their platforms to bring customers to our stores. We are always down for a collab. As a small business we are so reliant on our local customers. It allows us to contribute to society by creating employment, paying taxes, and supporting our suppliers – who are all local businesses too. We’re grateful that SnapScan and Airbnb are using their platforms to elevate small businesses.

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Update: The Airbnb ‘Shop Local, Support Jozi’ campaign has ended, but you can still get your very own stunning Dr Pachanga piece by visiting one of their stores or shopping online.

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