SUPERWOOF: going above and beyond to treat their clients SUPERWOOF: going above and...

SUPERWOOF: going above and beyond to treat their clients


13 May, 2022
A dog being pampered on a lounge chair at SUPERWOOF

When you leave your beloved furry companions at SUPERWOOF Dog Hotel and Daycare, you can rest assured you’re leaving them in super hands. The dog-obsessed team are passionate about the work they do and strive to provide your dogs with a pawsome experience.

Located on the Cape Town Foreshore, SUPERWOOF has everything your dog needs to have the time of its life. Your fur baby can look forward to a professional grooming service, giant beds to lounge on, pools to splash in and a whole lot more.

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Plus, each time you drop your dog off, you’re not only treating them to a good time, but you’re saving the day for rescues at Oscars Arc adoption centre. SUPERWOOF uses part of your treatment fee to raise funds to help the rescues find a permanent home. 

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We caught up with the general manager, Bianca Couch, to learn more about the heroic business. 

Tell us about your business journey. What led to the start of SUPERWOOF?

We opened SUPERWOOF Dog Hotel and Daycare to provide a dog care service of heroic proportions whilst sponsoring the onsite Oscars Arc adoption centre.

How has SUPERWOOF evolved over the years?

SUPERWOOF started just six weeks before lockdown. Having had a bit of a slow start, we have escalated at the speed of light over the last two years. We started with only around five dogs a day, and now we look after upwards of 65 dogs per day for day care.

I love the business’s superhero theme. Where did the idea for this theme come from?

SUPERWOOF is here to save the day, not only for clients requiring boarding and daycare needs but for shelter dogs too! The theme came naturally to us when we knew exactly what we wanted to achieve: superhuman supervision of heroic proportions for every dog in the galaxy. We also wanted to establish an out-of-this-world facility designed 100% for dogs’ enjoyment.

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What values drive SUPERWOOF, and how do these play out in your operations?

We strive to deliver 6-star service every day for every dog and client. This is evident by a number of services we offer, including personalised daily updates, the convenience of a 60-second drop and fly service for collections and drop-offs, and of course, having a completely dog-obsessed team who go above and beyond for each dog’s personal needs.

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What has been the biggest highlight in SUPERWOOF’s journey?

It goes without saying that every day at SUPERWOOF is a highlight as we get to spend our days caring for the incredible dogs flying in. A massive reward we recently enjoyed was donating R40 000 to Oscars Arc to celebrate their 4000th adoption. This donation was possible as a direct result of the loyalty of our clients, for which we are so grateful.

What is the biggest challenge SUPERWOOF has faced, and how did you overcome this?

Having started just before lockdown, we had to shut down almost immediately (which was not an option). We worked towards creating an exclusive dog transport service with getaways to the original Oscars Arc luxury dog farm in Franschhoek. These daily trips accommodated ten dogs a day who could run wild and free at a time when we were not even allowed to leave our homes.

These trips are what created our initial reputation as a dog care provider, so when we were able to open the mothership in the Foreshore again, we had developed a small client base who, to this day, are still some of our most loyal supporters.

How does SUPERWOOF use SnapScan to accept payments?

We include the SnapLinks in our booking confirmation emails, as well as the SnapCode on the invoices we send to clients.

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What impact has SnapScan had on the business? 

Using SnapScan has simplified our payments process and taken the hassle out of using card machines. Our clients find it easy to use, resulting in a high payment turnover.

What are SUPERWOOF’s plans for the future? 

To take over the world (haha)! But in all seriousness, we want to continue to drive our focus on the exclusive and extraordinary care for dogs and doing what we do best.

The next time you’re headed out of town or simply need a safe space to leave your dog for a few hours, consider treating them to a stay at SUPERWOOF. Check out SUPERWOOF’s offering on their website

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