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Sunshine Sprouting Co: the best veggie burger you’ll try


3 Nov, 2020
Business Owner and Chef of Sunshine Sprouting Co Vegan food standing in front of his store

“It has been my passion and my drive to serve the food that I grow.”

This is Elisha Madzivadondo’s life and business motto; to know and grow every ingredient he serves at Sunshine Sprouting Co. The bright yellow restaurant on busy Sea Point Main Road is more than “The Greatest Veggie Burger in Cape Town or Maybe the Whole World” – it’s Elisha’s life’s work.

He nurtures every ingredient from seed to plate, ensuring that they’re filled with love and care. During the week, you can find him amongst the spinach, kale and sunflowers of Oude Molen Eco Village, tending to his greenhouse. It’s here that he is cultivating his sprouts – the centerpiece of his famous veggie burgers.

Elisha’s journey is inspirational, in “Big dreams for microgreens” you’ll learn a bit more about his approach to food and growing a business, as well as the beautiful burgers he is so famous for.

The food of the future

Elisha believes that the plant-based food he serves is the food of the future, he is passionate about how it tastes and what it can do for the body; he thinks it needs attention. The bright yellow walls of his small Sea Point shop are no accident, and neither is his red chef’s uniform. You can’t help but grab a second glance, like you can’t help but take another bite. 

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He is most famous for the bunless veggie burger, but my favourite meal was the charcoal burger. I loved the way the sesame seeds contrasted with the soft and tasty black bun. Make sure you try some of the cultured lemon sauce, it adds a tangy, salty, sweet flavour that isn’t like anything else I’ve had before.

Plant based vegan burgers, made with sprouts

Paying homage to markets

The Sunshine Sprouting Co. was started in 2014 at markets, before vegan food was so easy to find in Cape Town. Slowly, Elisha began to create a name for himself in these spaces, and with each burger he sold, new connections were made with his customers. 

In 2017 a customer asked why Elisha didn’t have a shop, so that his burgers could be bought every day. Elisha explained the logistical complications involved, but that this was a dream and something he was working towards. A few weeks later this customer came back to him with a potential location. This is where his shop can be found today. 

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Woman buying a vegan smoothie at sunshine food co

Sunshine Sprouting Co. is built off customer relationships like this. It was important that Elisha would be able to chat with customers as he prepares their food, like he is able to do at markets. His Sea Point shop retains the market vibe, the kitchen is not hidden away and customers can see their food being prepared. 

Elisha still serves his burgers at markets around Cape Town, like the Vegan Goods Market. This doubles as a marketing strategy where Elisha is able to meet new customers, and share his food with more people. 

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