Support local Franschhoek eateries and get rewarded with Hoekcoin Support local Franschhoek eateries...

Support local Franschhoek eateries and get rewarded with Hoekcoin


30 Nov, 2021
The view from Mont Rochelle, one of the restaurants where you can earn Hoekcoin

Photograph by Mont Rochelle

Who doesn’t love a lazy afternoon or weekend in the Franschhoek valley? The world-class cuisine, the internationally awarded wines, the breathtaking views – Franschhoek has it all. Visitors travel from all over South Africa and the world to experience this incredible part of the Cape. This holiday season you can get rewarded for doing just that.

We’re thrilled to be partnering with the Franschhoek business community to support local restaurants and cafes through the I❤️MYHOEK campaign, which will inject over R1 million into Franschhoek food tourism this summer. 

Staff members from three of the restaurants participating in the I❤️MyHoek campaign
Photographs by Reuben’s Restaurant and Bar and French Connection

Visitors who spend R400 or more at participating venues will receive R200 Hoekcoin to spend at any of the businesses that have joined the campaign. Guests are encouraged to support their favourite local establishments, pay using the SnapScan app and they’ll get rewarded. How fantastic is that?

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Some of the venues where you can earn Hoekcoin are:

Take a look at our Instagram Guide to see some of the other eateries participating in the campaign.

An outline of a map, with a phone screen showing the R200 Hoekcoin that was earned.

What is Hoekcoin?

It’s not another cryptic cryptocurrency! Hoekcoin is simply a reward customers can earn for supporting local tourism in the Franschhoek valley. Hoekcoin retains its rand value, and must be spent before 28 February 2022. 

Through the I❤️MYHOEK campaign, all Hoekcoin rewards go right back into the local economy, and you can spend your Hoekcoin at any of the amazing Franschhoek restaurants that are participating. Once the total value of Hoekcoin (around R1 million) has been issued to customers, the reward part of the campaign will close, but you can still spend your Hoekcoin right up until the end of February. Keep an eye on our Instagram for campaign announcements so you don’t miss out!

How it works

Earn Hoekcoin

  1. Download the SnapScan app. It’s free!
  2. Link a bank card to your SnapScan app.
  3. Spend R400 or more at a participating venue, and pay with SnapScan.
  4. Instantly receive R200 Hoekcoin.

Spend Hoekcoin

  1. Scan the SnapScan QR code with your phone at any participating venue to redeem your Hoekcoin.
  2. Use Hoekcoin as your payment method in the SnapScan app.
  3. If your spend amount exceeds your Hoekcoin, pay the balance with the bank card in your SnapScan app for one simple payment.

Food spread on a table at Protégé and Haute Cabriere restaurants
Photographs by Protégé and Haute Cabriere

Important bits to remember…

  • Hoekcoin can only be earned when you pay using the bank card loaded onto your SnapScan app.
  • You can expect to receive Hoekcoin immediately after making a payment.
  • A minimum of R400 must be spent on one bank card with SnapScan to qualify for Hoekcoin.
  • You’re limited to one Hoekcoin earn opportunity per participating business, per day.
  • Multiple Hoekcoin rewards will accrue in your SnapScan Wallet.
  • Wine shop sales at venues are not included and are not eligible for Hoekcoin.
  • 28 February 2022 is the cutoff to spend your Hoekcoin.
  • When redeeming the reward at a participating business, if the bill is more than the value of the reward, the difference can be paid through a split payment. You will be able to use both your card and Hoekcoin together to make one simple payment. However, this payment will not earn an additional reward. 

Visit the Franschhoek Wine Valley webpage and follow them on Instagram to stay up to date with the campaign. 

See you in Franschhoek for amazing food, tasty wines and delicious rewards. Happy snapping!

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Nicky is a freelance copywriter who, to this day, has not watched a single episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

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