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Shop your local faves at these snappy online stores


13 Jul, 2022
An illustration of snappy character Flora sitting on her couch while browsing through some online stores

Each time I purchase goods online, my dopamine levels skyrocket. Browsing through online stores from the comfort of my couch provides me with much better retail therapy than shopping in-store ever does. Chalk it up to the convenience of me finding exactly what I need without having to trudge through countless stores, coupled with the excitement of waiting for the package to arrive.

With the recent rise of ecommerce, it’s never been easier to shop online. Groceries, clothes, kitchen appliances – regardless of what you’re looking for, you’re guaranteed to find it at one of the countless online stores.

Plus, thanks to some online stores offering SnapScan as a payment method, the checkout experience is even snappier than before. You no longer have to put off making a purchase until you dig out your bank card from wherever you left your wallet. You can simply scan to pay with the SnapScan app when shopping from your desktop or tap to pay if you’re on mobile.

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To help you have a snappy online shopping experience, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite online stores. With everything from plants to yoyos – you’ll be able to buy anything you need online without having to leave your house.

HerMerakai's plants and plant care spray

1.  Plants: HerMerakai

Want to add some greenery to your space? Get your new plant friend from HerMerakai. The online plant store sells a great selection of plants that will spruce up any space.

Choose a plant that will flourish based on the amount of light and space available in your room. You can also get some plant care products that will help you give your new plant babies some much-needed TLC. Plus, if you’re struggling to choose plants to suit your space, you can book a one-on-one consultation session with the owner, Nkhensani, who will help you find the right fit. 

Delivers to: Nationwide

Spruce up your place here: 

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2. Flowers: Petal & Post

Brighten someone’s day by ordering them a bunch of flowers from online florist Petal & Post

Their fresh flowers paired with one of their other products (tea, candles, treats and more) will make a lovely gift for someone special in your life.

Check out their website every morning to explore the flowers on offer that day, and place an order before 2pm to get it delivered on the same day. Order a once-off gift, or subscribe to a weekly or monthly flower delivery to get fresh flowers delivered to you regularly. 

Delivers to: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban

Make someone’s day here:

3. Fresh produce: Oddbox

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a struggle. Get your weekly dose of fresh produce delivered straight to your door without the hassle of wondering what to order.

Fruit and vegetable delivery company, Oddbox, delivers the freshest seasonal produce to your home each week, with accompanying recipes to help you turn your raw ingredients into delicious meals. The types of produce on offer differs each week, so you’ll never get bored of what you’re eating. Plus, if you don’t like something on the menu that week, they’ll allow you to swap it out for something else.

Delivers to: Cape Town

Order your fresh produce here:

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4. Wine: Cybercellar 

Red, white or a mix of both? Regardless of your wine preference, online drinks retailer Cybercellar has something for everyone, and then some.

With its impressive stock of wine, you’re sure to find the right bottle, whether you’re searching for something new or an old favourite. CyberCellar also stocks a wide range of spirits – making it the perfect place to stock up on all the drinks you need for your next party.

Delivers to: Nationwide 

Stock your drinks cupboard here:

online store Feat.'s range of colourful socks

5. Socks: Feat. 

Give your feet the adventure of a lifetime by buying some fun-patterned socks to place them in. If curiosity and a sense of wonder lie within your soles, you’ll love the socks made by Feat.

The online gifting store designs beautiful socks and other textile products laced with hints of magic and playfulness. Add some quirkiness to your feet by buying some fun socks from Feat.. You’ll also find a lovely range of pillowcases, stationery and homeware. 

Delivers to: Nationwide

Take your feet on an adventure here:   

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6. Shoes: Blu Betty

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes, that’s made for walking around in style, shop at Blu Betty. The footwear store makes good-quality shoes out of genuine leather.

Based in Kwa-Zulu Natal, this local footwear brand produces original, modern-style shoes with a touch of quirkiness. By limiting the number of shoes they produce, the footwear retailer is able to take great care in the way they produce their shoes. As a result, when you order Blu Betty shoes, you’re ordering a stylish pair of shoes that’s both comfortable and durable.

Delivers to: Nationwide

Step out in style here:

7. Clothes: Superbalist

There’s a reason why Superbalist has become super popular over the years – the online retailer stocks an extensive selection of fashion, beauty and home pieces.

By housing a large variety of brands in one place, the online retailer makes it easy to find the perfect outfit for any occasion while replenishing your skincare cabinet. And with its famous monthly sales, you’ll be able to save money whenever you shop for your favourites.

Delivers to: Nationwide

Stock your wardrobe here:

device covers from online store The Wren Design

8. Bags: The Wren Design

Looking for a durable bag that will protect your goods from dirt, dust and water? You’ll find your match at The Wren Design.

The sustainable retailer makes its bags from recycled paper that’s been folded, stitched, fused and coated to be strong enough to handle whatever you put in it. Their beautifully designed range of products includes device covers, travel bags, moon bags and wallets. 

Delivers to: Nationwide

Find your next bag here:

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9. Homeware: Yuppiechef

On a mission to fill your home with things that spark joy? Yuppiechef’s curated selection of homeware has you covered. 

Whether you’re looking for a tool to make meal prep a little easier, a stylish rug for your lounge or even towels that’ll match your bathroom’s aesthetic, find the next addition to your home at Yuppiechef. The homeware retailer sources only the best quality products from local and international brands to ensure that you’re only filling your home with the best. 

Delivers to: Nationwide

Bring joy to your home here:

10. Snacks: Nibbly bits

Behind every productive day is a good snack that keeps you going when your mood dips and hunger calls. Stock up on the tastiest snacks at Nibbly Bits.

Regardless of whether you prefer a savoury snack or a sweet treat, Nibbly Bits has the ultimate collection of goodies. Fill your cupboard with Nibbly Bits’ delicious assortment of biscuits and treats. Your taste buds and stomach will thank you for it. 

Delivers to: Nationwide

Find your next snack here: 

11. Food products: Nomu 

Tired of using the same old spices in every dish you cook? Spice up your cooking with Nomu’s range of products. From their peri-peri rub to their One for all rub, Nomu’s spices will add a mountain of flavour to your cooking.

The online food retailer also makes a good variety of baking ingredients and hot beverages. So whether you want to cook your next mouthwatering meal, bake a delicious treat or unwind with a hot beverage, the online food retailer has something for you. Browse their collection of tasty recipes to learn how to use their products in creative ways. 

Delivers to: Nationwide

Spice up your cooking here:

12. Yoyos: Yoyos 4 Africa  

Before digital devices had our eyeballs glued to screens, we let our hands do the walking by bouncing yoyos up and down and trying out new tricks.

Whether you still like to ‘Walk the dog’ or want to teach it to your kid, you can find a yo-yo to suit your needs at Yoyos 4 Africa. The online yo-yo store stocks a variety of yoyos and accessories. They even have a guide on how to take care of your yo-yo to ensure it doesn’t break.

Delivers to: Nationwide

Bounce back and forth for your new yoyo here: 

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Megan is a Content Strategist at SnapScan, with a book-buying habit that is spiraling out of control.

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