Bangbang Vintage Market: crafting their path to success Bangbang Vintage Market: crafting...

Bangbang Vintage Market: crafting their path to success


13 Jun, 2023
A peak of the inside of Bangbang Vintage Market

Living in Cape Town’s vibrant suburb of Observatory for the past two years has been an exciting journey of endless discoveries. Apart from the challenge of finding parking, the area is lively and diverse, with plenty of cute cafes, bookstores, and shops.

While heading to the petrol station on Main Road, my eyes immediately caught the vibrant yellow logo of Bangbang Vintage Market. I have never considered myself a thrifter, but I enjoy fashion and keeping up with trends, so exploring the store was an obvious yes!

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We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Lynette Penny, the owner of Bangbang Vintage Market, to learn more about the beloved vintage store.

From hair to heirloom

Lynette left her position in the hair industry to pursue her lifelong passion for vintage and collectables. After selling her wares at markets for several years, Lynette saw a need for a permanent market. “I and several other traders, with whom I had done many markets, decided to come together and open a shop in 2016,” she explains, “and that’s how Bangbang Vintage Market was born!”

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Situated in the heart of Observatory, Cape Town, the vintage store’s choice of location was deeply rooted in Lynette’s connection to the area. Having lived there with her family for many years, Observatory held a special place in her heart. The old buildings like the Bijou Theatre and the unique atmosphere and feeling of the area made it the ideal location for the brand.

Where Camden meets unmatched curated style

Stepping into the store, shoppers can expect a one-of-a-kind experience. Lynette drew inspiration from her visits to Camden Market in the UK, incorporating its diverse styles into the market’s aesthetic. 

“We’ve got everything from Thrift Clothing, Steampunk, and Festival Wear to Alternative and more,” she adds. What sets Bangbang Vintage Market apart from other vintage markets and thrift stores in the area is the exceptional effort invested by all the traders. 

Each trader devotes extensive time and energy to curating a fantastic selection of items for customers. They travel across the country, even importing objects, and ensure that each piece has been washed, ironed, steamed, and repaired before it reaches the shelves. The market takes great pride in fostering a safe and inclusive environment for all shoppers, enhancing its unique appeal.

Two images depicting the inside of Bangbang Vintage Market. On the left rows of jewellry, while the right picture displays racks of clothes.

When the vintage store started trading, there were only three other shops in the area; today, there are 27. “It is great that it has created so many jobs and businesses,” says Lynette. However, it adds the challenge of standing out in the crowd and offering something different.

Bangbang Vintage Market remains agile by staying on top of trends, researching brands, and regularly updating their shop to ensure they stand out.

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Embracing challenges and convenience

“When we were doing the markets, it was very physically demanding; transporting and setting up a full store several times a week was challenging, and if the weather was miserable, it added a whole new dynamic.” 

Upon launching the shop, Lynette had to find the right location, collaborate with like-minded traders, and share responsibilities to ensure the smooth operation of the market.

For her, SnapScan has played an integral role in the brand’s operations since its mobile market days, providing an additional payment option that didn’t depend on charged devices or a reliable signal.

Since the release of the SnapScan card machine, Lynette has been pleased with the device as it’s been easy, fast, and rarely has connectivity issues, which is a “huge plus” for the brand’s daily operations. What she likes most about the card machine is that it’s “quick and easy” to use.

Bang, bang into the future

As Bangbang Vintage Market gazes into the future, they embrace an ongoing journey of growth as opposed to one single goal. “We like that even existing clients visiting the shop are surprised by new layouts and designs,” explains Lynette.

A peak of the inside of Bangbang Vintage Market

The success of Bangbang Vintage Market teaches us the importance of staying true to our passion and collaborating with like-minded individuals to craft an unparalleled customer experience.

By staying ahead of trends, embracing challenges with innovative solutions, and constantly evolving and improving offerings, similar businesses can create a wardrobe that reflects their business.

Stock your wardrobe with new pieces by visiting their store on 65 Lower Main Rd, Observatory or connect with them on Instagram.

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